Kidscan’s Reindeer Rush – Team Cupid

This Christmas we are taking part in Reindeer Rush to raise money for the amazing charity, Kidscan who support childhood cancer research.

We need your support to help us walk, jog or run the equivalent of 1300 miles to Lapland between the 1st and 17th December and we are determined to achieve this goal!

If you’d like to support this incredible charity, joining Team Cupid couldn’t be easier.

All you need to do is scan the QR code or follow the link and use code CPD21 to claim your free place and become a Team Cupid member. Then all you have to do is keep track of your steps to help contribute towards Team Cupid’s total.

You’re also welcome to collect your own sponsorship from friends and family to raise funds for this incredibly important charity, however, this isn’t mandatory!

Thanks in advance for your support…

Where your money goes…

In the UK, over 60% of childhood cancer survivors will be left with disabilities that can range from hearing loss to heart problems. This happens because many cancer treatments are designed for adults and can cause lasting damage to children’s growing bodies.

By funding research across the UK, Kidscan are finding new treatments that only target cancerous cells without causing these unwanted side effects. With the money you raise, Kidscan aim to create a world where every child diagnosed with cancer can survive and go on to live the long healthy lives they deserve.

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