The Top 5 Benefits of IT Support

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You wouldn't land a plane without ground control support, so when technology is at the very core of your business, why wouldn't you be working with a Managed IT Services Provider? Too many businesses jeopardise their operations with 'off-the-shelf' IT solutions and one-size-fits-all services. Your IT set-up should lay the foundations for success. Here are 5 top reasons why working with a trusted IT provider will help your business thrive.

> Improved Productivity and Efficiency

Technology should provide the tools your workforces need to do their jobs to their full potentials. Yet even with today's modern workplace demands, far too many businesses cause unnecessary stress by giving their staff slow and inefficient technology including laptops and internet. Working with a trusted IT partner will mean your staff will have the right IT set-up to do what they do best, and whenever they need support, an expert is just a click or call away.

> Proactive Monitoring of your IT Systems

As well as your team benefitting from reactive support when they face IT issues, having proactive IT monitoring means you have IT specialists working behind the scenes to keep things running smoothly. If they encounter a potential issue, such as data storage running low or a security vulnerability, they can correct them before they become a much bigger problem. This gives business owner's peace of mind and prevents costly problems arising. Proactive monitoring also gives businesses a deeper understanding of their technology through regular reports containing detailed insights.

> The Latest in Communications and Connectivity

Businesses rely on communications and internet connectivity more than ever before. Working with an IT provider for your business broadband means you can rest assured knowing that you have the very best connectivity. An IT provider will also suggest failover options as a backup if your primary connection encounters issues. It also means if there is a problem with your internet, an IT provider will be be on-hand quickly to solve the problem, unlike many other providers who have do not have fast response times written into their service level agreements.

> Defend Against the Latest Cyber Threats

Cyber threats against businesses are continually emerging. They are also becoming increasingly sophisticated as cybercriminals change their tactics in response to new technology or world events. Regardless of size or industry, businesses must take action to build their resilience to cyber-attacks in order to keep their workforce and data safe. A successful data breach can lead to ICO fines, loss of loyal custom, and reputational damage. Working with an IT provider that understands cyber security will help you secure your business by putting the right controls in place.

> Cost-Effective

It might be tempting to set up your business's IT infrastructure yourself. However, this can be far more costly than working with an IT provider. Our IT specialists will take the time to understand your business processes, goals, and growth strategy in order to put the right IT services and solutions in place. Buying 'off the shelf' and 'one-size-fits-all' services can introduce security vulnerabilities and create problems if they are not properly integrated, optimised, and configured.

IT Specialists You Can Trust

When it comes to business technology, trust is key. Linten Technologies have been trusted by businesses for over twenty years, providing first-class support and the latest IT services. Book in a time chat below to one or drop us a message here. We make IT simple for business.

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Proud Sponsors of the Village Manchester Football Club

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Linten Technologies are the proud sponsors of Village Manchester Football Club (VMFC), an LGBTQ+ friendly team whose ethos is simple; 'everyone welcome, discrimination is not.' We asked VMFC's Communications Officer & Treasurer, Steve Joyce a few questions so you can get to know them better!

What is VMFC's mission?

''Village Manchester Football Club was formed in February 1996 to give gay and bi-sexual guys the chance to play and support the sport we love in a safe, welcoming environment. Since then we've grown massively, and have six teams giving players of all abilities the chance to play football. These days, we're delighted to welcome many straight allies whilst remaining Manchester's gay-friendly club.''

Tell us more about the teams and players...

''For many years, VMFC had two teams, but in the last three years, the club has grown quickly and we now have six! The firsts and seconds play on Saturday afternoons in the Lancashire and Cheshire League. The thirds and fourths, who play on Sunday mornings, are in the Manchester Amateur Sunday Football League. We also have two 'Reserves' teams who play weekly against each other and where new players start out before moving up.

We always welcome new players of all abilities. Whether you are a brilliant player or (think) you are not so good, there is a place for you at VMFC. The players represent every sexuality including straight guys who prefer a club without offensive 'banter'. We are also the club of choice for many trans players who were also attracted to the club's ethos.

Our players love the club as they have formed some of the strongest friendships of their lives and we protect our players from any form of abuse. It's all about playing football without the hassle!''

How has sponsorship from Linten Technologies supported the club?

''Sponsorship is essential to keep the club running. There are a lot of expenses but the main being pitch hire in the city centre. Without the support of Linten Technologies, we would have to increase the membership fees which may result in people being excluded which is the last thing we would ever want. It is because of Linten we can also offer those not in full time employment a reduced rate."

What are your goals as the COVID-19 restrictions start to life?

"Obviously, COVID-19 has had an impact on training and matches but we are very pleased to back playing again. It didn't stop us from celebrating (virtually) our 25th year which we are immensely proud about. As things get back to normal, we are really looking forward to the new season, hopefully without any interruptions.

Follow VMFC on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook at villagemancfc for more news and exciting updates. If you are interested in getting involved, visit their website:

World Password Day - How Secure are your Business Accounts

The 6th May marks World Password Day and it is a good reminder for all businesses to consider how secure their accounts are. Account compromise is a common cyber-attack that allows cybercriminals to exploit data and launch further attacks. Over-used and weak passwords are still a common mistake when it comes to business security. So if this is happening in your business, it's time to build your cyber resilience through better password practices. Starting from today! 

Creating Strong Passwords

Passwords should contain a mixture of random upper & lower case letters, numbers, and symbols. Remember that for many accounts, the space bar is an optional character also and can be used to strengthen passwords. The longer the password the more secure it is. Try to keep passwords to 8 (at least) or more characters.  

Each account should have a unique strong password. This is where password managers become an essential tool for your business security. It would be impossible for your workforce to remember strong passwords for every business account you own. A password manager allows staff members to quickly generate strong passwords and save them safely. All the staff members need to do is create one unique strong password for their password manager account. 

Change Default Passwords

Whenever you have a new device such a a router or laptop, ensure that the default password is changed straight away. Default passwords are widely available on the internet and so leave your devices exposed to an attack. 

Turn on Two-Factor Authentication

Turning on two-factor or multi-factor authentication provides extra layers of protection on your accounts by creating an extra step in the login process. This can be a code sent via txt or using an application like Google Authenticator. This means if your account details are exposed then the cybercriminal will be stopped in their tracks when trying to login. Two-factor or multi-factor authentication should be turned on as many accounts as possible, including your password manager accounts.  

Account Access

Do you have the right policies and processes in place to ensure your staff only have access to the accounts they need? Many businesses make the mistake of overly sharing credentials with team members that do not need access to the accounts. This leaves data vulnerable to human error or malicious acts from disgruntled employees. Ensure that accounts access is regularly audited. Password managers are a great way of understanding what accounts each member of staff has access to also. 

Dark Web Monitoring 

Dark web monitoring is a service that checks if your business credentials have been exposed on the dark web. If any have been identified, businesses will be alerted so you can protect those accounts. Stolen credentials are sold on the dark web to other cybercriminals looking to compromise important data.  
We understand that cyber security can feel very complex and confusing for small to medium businesses and it is not always clear where best to invest your time and resources to build your resilience. Book a time to chat or contact us here. Our IT Specialists can walk you through options that are suitable for your business. We don't believe cyber security should be a one-size-fits-all approach, we will take the time to get to know your business so we can give you the best advice and guidance. 

The Modern Workplace - What this Means to Small and Medium Businesses?

There is nothing like a huge global event to make us change our behaviours, and the COVID-19 pandemic has certainly been the driving force for a digital transformation and the adoption of cyber security services and cloud technology. It seems some changes are here to stay including emerging workplace trends and the technology we use to support workforces.

Remote, Flexible and On-Premise Working 

Businesses of all sizes have are now ready to consider what type of working would benefit their business and workforces as lockdown restrictions start to ease. The cost savings of not paying for offices is very appealing for many businesses to stay fully remote. Other businesses see the benefit of a hybrid approach and so have adopted flexible working patterns. Other businesses require on-premise working or have teams that prefer to work closely together. Regardless of working preference, it is safe to say that modern workplaces need to lay the IT foundations for an agile workforce to be productive and secure. 

Internet Connectivity

All over social media, frustrated home workers have shared their horror stories of Wi-Fi going down during important meetings or when a deadline looms. Most home broadband providers never anticipated the demand for the service that has been witnessed over the past few months. When multiple devices are connected at the same time, it has resulted in intermittent connection. As businesses now invest more in their remote worker's IT set-up, Mobile Broadband is becoming a popular choice. This offers a designated Wi-Fi connection for the team member that is secure. For flexible workers, this service can still be enjoyed by using a Mi-Fi device. This means no more connecting to public Wi-Fi which is a big cyber security risk for businesses. 

Outsourced IT Support

With staff members on the go and working in multiple locations, having an outsourced IT team that is on-hand has ensured staff have had expert help when they face IT issues. The need for IT support will continue to grow as workforces adapt to changes in their working habits and adopt new technology to help them to do so. Those businesses who do not have managed IT services will likely lose time and money when their competitors thrive with the latest IT set-up and helpdesk support. 


The need for efficient collaboration no matter where staff were located made cloud technology a clear choice for businesses that had not previously invested in it. Hosted Desktops as a modern workplace solution have allowed staff to log into the business network using any device and allows seamless integration of industry applications such as Sage. 

Many businesses have transitioned to VoIP over the recent months, and if they haven't then they need to very soon. Not only does it allow staff to make, answer, and transfer calls anywhere in the world using an application, it also means the business is ready for the UK's big change to digital in 2025. 

Microsoft 365 Business has served as a favourite collaboration tool with its cloud storage and file-sharing ability. It has allowed teams across the world to efficiently work and collaborate on workloads. 

Cyber Security 

Whenever there is digital change, you can be sure that there are threat actors ready to exploit vulnerabilities. Cyber-attacks rose dramatically in 2020 and have continued to be a huge risk for businesses. Those businesses that have invested in cyber security training for their staff are at much less of a risk of falling for phishing scams and invoice fraud. Many businesses saw the change in working patterns a great opportunity to invest in Cyber Essentials which addresses 5 key controls (Malware Protection/Firewalls/Access Control/Secure Configuration/Patch Control) to improve their online resilience. With cybercrime continuing to evolve, any modern workplace needs to take its cyber security seriously or risk reputational and financial repercussions.

Technology that works for you

No matter where your workforce is located, our expert technical team can work with you to ensure you have the right services and solutions in place for growth and success. IT shouldn't cause your business to lose time and money, we will make IT work for you. Book in a time to chat below with out friendly team who will get to know your business and walk you through some options. 

The Biggest Cyber Security Risks for the Financial Services Industry

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Financial services hold a lot of sensitive data which is worth a lot of money on the dark web. That is why financial services are prime targets for data breaches by cyber criminals motivated by monetary gain. This cyber risk trend won't ease anytime soon and so the sector must maintain resilience against ever-evolving online threats. 

Most Common Cyber Security Threats Against Financial Services. 

Cloud Compromise and Web Application Vulnerabilities 

With the need for staff to move to remote working in 2020, there was a huge adoption of cloud services for storing and sharing data, thus containing a wealth of valuable business data. Phishing emails replicating Microsoft and other cloud providers have been a successful way of tricking people into releasing passwords to cloud-based accounts.  Once these passwords have been obtained, the account can be exploited in a number of different ways including invoice hijacking and exploiting files. Many cloud-based web applications have also had their vulnerabilities exploited if not kept updated to the latest version.


Malware (malicious software) comes in many forms, from rootkits to ransomware. Malware is designed to cause damage, disruption, and/or provides a route for threat actors to exploit data. Ransomware attacks are particularly notorious as they have had a high success rate in recent months in a variety of industries including financial institutions. Ransomware-as-a-service is a high-value product sold on the dark web and so new families of the malware are continually coming onto the market. This means that it is a cat and mouse game when it comes to endpoint security software.  

Social Engineering

This cyber security risk focuses on 'hacking the human' using methods such as phishing to gain sensitive information to compromise accounts, deploy malware, or launch even more sophisticated attacks. Staff working within the financial services sector are prime targets for hackers using social engineering techniques. Therefore creating cyber security cultures to empower staff to defend against phishing emails and other attacks should be at the core of any online security plan. 


Bots are essentially automated programs designed to complete certain tasks online. They are sometimes referred to as zombies for this reason. A bot designed for a malicious intention can cause damage to data, accounts, and websites. For example, they can be used to launch brute force attacks to crack passwords or to spam email accounts. 

From pro-active monitoring to Cyber Essentials, we have a range of services and solutions that are right for your business. Our IT Specialists can walk you through the options whilst getting to know your business needs. Book in a time to chat below!