When businesses quickly had to move to remote working, Linten’s technical team helped many new customers to transition smoothly using the very best IT solutions. This included Hosted Desktops (also known as Virtual Desktops). This solution is built on cloud technology and offers the workforce a reliable, secure, and familiar experience, no matter where they work from.

Efficient, integrated IT is important for any business to thrive. At Linten Technologies, although we offer Microsoft Virtual Desktop as a service which is suitable for some businesses, most of our customers enjoy the benefits of our bespoke Hosted Desktop solution. We customise the technology to suit your workplace and integrate with important applications for your sector such as Practice Management, CRMs, Sage and other accounts applications such as Iris etc. We build our Hosted Desktop environments on the Microsoft Azure platform, so customers can rest assured knowing that data is safe and backed up.

Hosted Desktop infrastructures are also a cost-effective solution for businesses as they remove the need for hardware and maintenance. Getting users set up is a breeze with support from our technical experts and it can be scaled up based on your business needs. The ability to scale up or down means you only pay for what your businesses uses and so you can enjoy a pay-as-you-go service with no hidden extras!

Another great feature about bespoke desktop services with Linten Technologies is you can still operate if there are outages or disruptions. Our IT technicians can even help you prepare for any planned maintenance and mitigate downtime or outages.

There are many benefits that Hosted Desktops can offer your workforce. If you are unsure if it is the right solution for your business, contact Linten’s friendly team for advice. We will discuss your business needs and growth strategy to ensure IT works for you.

Don’t sacrifice productivity or security by struggling with difficult technology, make your IT simple.