Threat Landscape

Ransomware is one of the biggest risks facing businesses in current times. This form of malicious software (malware) causes data to be encrypted on networks, blocking users from accessing it until a ransom is paid….and even then it may not be released. Malware continues to evolve and diversify, allowing hackers to breach data and cause damage for their own gain. The aim is to go unidentified by anti-virus software by hiding code within what looks like a legitimate file or changing it enough so it is not recognised as malicious.  

Put to the Test

Businesses need to invest in end to end threat defence as part of their cyber security controls. Bitdefender Endpoint Security is one of the market’s leading security solutions. It was recently put to the test and awarded a level 1 certification by MRG Effitas for quarter 4 of 2020. To receive a level 1 certification in the 360 assessment, a security application must completely protect the system from an initial malware infection before it has the opportunity to cause any damage. Malware sample types used to test an application include spyware, ransomware, and backdoors. 

Security applications must also pass a Live Botnet test. Botnets, also know as zombies, are used by hackers for various activities including sending spam, phishing attempts, and distributed denial-of-service attacks (DDoS). 

Driven by Intelligence

Bitdefender is driven by the latest cyber threat intelligence meaning that it is always being updated to defend against the latest threats. Many other anti-virus software are not as sophisticated, and so will not provide the same level of protection. 

When It Comes To Security Solutions, We Are Your Trusted Partners  

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