Why register your domains with Linten?

What to look out for when obtaining a new domain.

  • Buy your own Domain to ensure you never get held to ransom if your agencies relationship breaks down
  • Secure similar domains associated with your business to prevent people from squatting on them.
  • Look out for hidden fees and always read the T&Cs.
  • Set your domain to auto-renew... you can always cancel when required.
  • Consider buying multiple domain extensions for your business for example, .co.uk, .com .org, .net

Choosing the right provider can save you money in the long term and can make your life easier, depending on what its management features are like. Linten is a Nominet Accredited Channel Partner which is an exclusive merit provided to trusted UK domain registrars. This accreditation is only given to registrars that offer a premium service that performs to the high level required by the Nominet regulations.


Here’s what one of our customers have to say…

'Linten did a phenomenal job transferring all my domains from multiple registrars helping to unify costs and simplify my bill. Linten made things super easy and helped take care of all the DNS settings as part of the service. Amazing!'

Ian – Conspicuous Marketing


Nowadays you can buy a domain name in a few clicks from various mass domain resellers, but do they truly take care of you and your business’s needs?

As well as providing a reliable and efficient domain registry service, we can help transfer and make sure your emails and website are aligned to the new host.


Who do you go to when you need help with transferring to a new provider?

Don’t get stung by expensive renewal fees that can skyrocket after only a year… At Linten we can ensure that your domains renew in the right way with no hidden fees and full transparency. We will ensure your domain is set to auto-renew meaning you never need to worry about losing ownership. There have been many instances in the past where domains have been bought by other parties due to owners forgetting to renew their domain.

We also make sure you maintain complete ownership of any registered domains giving you full control and transparency with help along the way. There are many cases where 3rd party agencies have held customers to ransom over their domain due to ownership when relationships turn bad.

There are many reasons why businesses choose to have their domains and web hosting managed by an IT company like Linten. When it comes to your business website, you cannot afford to have hosting issues affecting its availability. Buying hosting and domains directly from 3rd party mass resellers doesn’t guarantee you will receive a swift response time if you encounter any issues.

We are here to make sure your hosting and domains are stable and secure. Time is a precious resource to every business. Setting up and managing hosting and domains can be very time consuming, especially when you might not have the technical expertise.


What you get when choosing Linten…

  • Get more for your money with a comprehensive managed service.
  • Have your DNS and email settings taken care of.
  • Security taken seriously.
  • Renews in the right way with no hidden fees and full transparency.
  • Be in full control and have the freedom to use any web design company.
  • Options to pay by card or direct debit so you never miss a renewal.


As opposed to most mass domain resellers who offer a basic registration service… which most of the time is self-service, why not take away the stress and have peace of mind everything is taken care of. Linten provides a straightforward migration process and offers multiple payment plans that other companies may not.



Joining VMFC


Joining Linten back in the summer of 2021, having only recently moved to Manchester, I was keen to get myself involved with as much as possible. Upon being told that we were sponsors of a local football club, I was encouraged to get myself down to one of their training sessions. You will discover that I have been very grateful for taking up the offer!

Fun, fitness, football, and friends for life is highlighted on the club’s homepage. Joining a new football club can be fairly daunting as most people would agree. There’s always that bit of optimism that you’ll fit in with the lads right away. Within the first 5 minutes, you could tell that this was indeed going to be the case. My first training session had such a welcoming atmosphere, and you could tell that everyone was there for the same purpose… fun, fitness, football.

How well the club is run from top to bottom…

Village Manchester FC welcomes anyone who loves football. As a club that has been going for over 25 years, it has become one of the oldest inclusive football clubs in the world. The club has grown over the years and now has 5 teams regularly playing each week. This is a testament to how organised and well run the club is from top to bottom.

Great opportunities

Having multiple teams gives opportunities for players of all standards, and the inclusivity aspect of the club is a real positive. As someone not originally from the UK, joining VMFC has opened a whole host of opportunities. Joining Linten has opened a handful of opportunities for me, helping me to improve my network and social circles in Manchester. What’s great about VMFC is that it’s not about being the best footballer… there’s a chance for everyone to fit in.

Long-standing sponsors…

Linten Technologies have been a proud sponsor of Village Manchester Football Club for over 5 years. It is a club that fits in perfectly with Linten’s values, with inclusivity at the heart of it. Regardless of your background, VMFC gives people the chance to play and support the sport they love in a safe, welcoming environment and prides itself on being Manchester’s gay-friendly football club. This is something that Linten are truly proud to support and get behind.

General information about the club

Village Manchester Football Club was formed in February 1996 to give gay and bi guys the chance to play and support the sport they love in a safe, welcoming environment. Since then, the club has grown massively, giving players of all abilities the chance to play football.

Weekly training sessions take place at Trinity Sports Centre on floodlit top quality 3G pitches close to the University and MMU on the edge of Hulme. The First and Second Teams play in a local league on Saturday afternoons and the Third and Fourth Teams play in a local league on Sunday mornings. The Fifth Team plays friendlies, both external and intra-club.

Find out more on their website: vmfc.co.uk

My First Month at Linten

> In the heart of Manchester.

This past month has been an exciting one to say the least. Moving back to Manchester to experience the hustle and bustle of city living was high on my agenda. But wait… we were still in the depths of a global pandemic. So, I guess that had to wait. Starting a new job working remotely has certainly brought about its challenges. However, this was much easier than first anticipated due to the modern-day capabilities of technology. Fortunately, I was in the right place for all this to be a breeze and the subsequent support that I have received has been second to none… although again, this was to be expected.

> Why join Linten?

What appealed to me the most about working at Linten was the culture and values that were outlined to me. The friendly approach stood out to me most from the very first interview. The appeal to work for Linten has only grown stronger in the past four weeks. Having met the team and settled into my new role (albeit virtually) it has been great to see how incredibly friendly and supportive everyone is. Having the opportunity to learn, grow and progress in my new role was high up on my list of requirements when searching for a new job. I could see that Linten had great potential to be the company that could offer me all of this. It was fitting that my requirements for a new role were well suited to Linten’s own plans for future growth. This past month has certainly been a steep learning curve for me, especially as I am someone who has limited experience in the IT world. However, as someone who is always up for a challenge, I can honestly say that it has been a thoroughly enjoyable first four weeks!

> In at the deep end.

The responsibility and trust that has been given to me has been incredibly empowering from day one. It has really helped to feel like a valued member of the team which in turn has motivated me like very few jobs have done in the past. The hands-on approach to training has been ideal for me and my style of learning. Notably, the opportunity to attend business networking events as a representative for the company has helped me hit the ground running. Getting to communicate with current and potential customers has helped gain a great understanding of our company from the start.



The Top 5 Benefits of IT Support

4 min read

You wouldn't land a plane without ground control support, so when technology is at the very core of your business, why wouldn't you be working with a Managed IT Services Provider? Too many businesses jeopardise their operations with 'off-the-shelf' IT solutions and one-size-fits-all services. Your IT set-up should lay the foundations for success. Here are 5 top reasons why working with a trusted IT provider will help your business thrive.

> Improved Productivity and Efficiency

Technology should provide the tools your workforces need to do their jobs to their full potentials. Yet even with today's modern workplace demands, far too many businesses cause unnecessary stress by giving their staff slow and inefficient technology including laptops and internet. Working with a trusted IT partner will mean your staff will have the right IT set-up to do what they do best, and whenever they need support, an expert is just a click or call away.

> Proactive Monitoring of your IT Systems

As well as your team benefitting from reactive support when they face IT issues, having proactive IT monitoring means you have IT specialists working behind the scenes to keep things running smoothly. If they encounter a potential issue, such as data storage running low or a security vulnerability, they can correct them before they become a much bigger problem. This gives business owner's peace of mind and prevents costly problems arising. Proactive monitoring also gives businesses a deeper understanding of their technology through regular reports containing detailed insights.

> The Latest in Communications and Connectivity

Businesses rely on communications and internet connectivity more than ever before. Working with an IT provider for your business broadband means you can rest assured knowing that you have the very best connectivity. An IT provider will also suggest failover options as a backup if your primary connection encounters issues. It also means if there is a problem with your internet, an IT provider will be be on-hand quickly to solve the problem, unlike many other providers who have do not have fast response times written into their service level agreements.

> Defend Against the Latest Cyber Threats

Cyber threats against businesses are continually emerging. They are also becoming increasingly sophisticated as cybercriminals change their tactics in response to new technology or world events. Regardless of size or industry, businesses must take action to build their resilience to cyber-attacks in order to keep their workforce and data safe. A successful data breach can lead to ICO fines, loss of loyal custom, and reputational damage. Working with an IT provider that understands cyber security will help you secure your business by putting the right controls in place.

> Cost-Effective

It might be tempting to set up your business's IT infrastructure yourself. However, this can be far more costly than working with an IT provider. Our IT specialists will take the time to understand your business processes, goals, and growth strategy in order to put the right IT services and solutions in place. Buying 'off the shelf' and 'one-size-fits-all' services can introduce security vulnerabilities and create problems if they are not properly integrated, optimised, and configured.

IT Specialists You Can Trust

When it comes to business technology, trust is key. Linten Technologies have been trusted by businesses for over twenty years, providing first-class support and the latest IT services. Book in a time chat below to one or drop us a message here. We make IT simple for business.

You can learn more about our services belows

IT Services & Solutions


Cyber Security

Proud Sponsors of the Village Manchester Football Club

4 min read. 

Linten Technologies are the proud sponsors of Village Manchester Football Club (VMFC), an LGBTQ+ friendly team whose ethos is simple; 'everyone welcome, discrimination is not.' We asked VMFC's Communications Officer & Treasurer, Steve Joyce a few questions so you can get to know them better!

What is VMFC's mission?

''Village Manchester Football Club was formed in February 1996 to give gay and bi-sexual guys the chance to play and support the sport we love in a safe, welcoming environment. Since then we've grown massively, and have six teams giving players of all abilities the chance to play football. These days, we're delighted to welcome many straight allies whilst remaining Manchester's gay-friendly club.''

Tell us more about the teams and players...

''For many years, VMFC had two teams, but in the last three years, the club has grown quickly and we now have six! The firsts and seconds play on Saturday afternoons in the Lancashire and Cheshire League. The thirds and fourths, who play on Sunday mornings, are in the Manchester Amateur Sunday Football League. We also have two 'Reserves' teams who play weekly against each other and where new players start out before moving up.

We always welcome new players of all abilities. Whether you are a brilliant player or (think) you are not so good, there is a place for you at VMFC. The players represent every sexuality including straight guys who prefer a club without offensive 'banter'. We are also the club of choice for many trans players who were also attracted to the club's ethos.

Our players love the club as they have formed some of the strongest friendships of their lives and we protect our players from any form of abuse. It's all about playing football without the hassle!''

How has sponsorship from Linten Technologies supported the club?

''Sponsorship is essential to keep the club running. There are a lot of expenses but the main being pitch hire in the city centre. Without the support of Linten Technologies, we would have to increase the membership fees which may result in people being excluded which is the last thing we would ever want. It is because of Linten we can also offer those not in full time employment a reduced rate."

What are your goals as the COVID-19 restrictions start to life?

"Obviously, COVID-19 has had an impact on training and matches but we are very pleased to back playing again. It didn't stop us from celebrating (virtually) our 25th year which we are immensely proud about. As things get back to normal, we are really looking forward to the new season, hopefully without any interruptions.

Follow VMFC on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook at villagemancfc for more news and exciting updates. If you are interested in getting involved, visit their website: www.vmfc.co.uk/new