Reducing the Costs and Complexity of Data Back-Up and Disaster Recovery

Back-up and disaster recovery (DR) solutions can be neglected in business strategies. Due to the recent rise in cyber-attacks however, there is now a major need to implement strong back-up and DR solutions to keep your organisation and valuable data fully protected.

David Samuelson, CEO of ISACA, explains: “Organisations are rapidly moving toward new ways of doing business during this time, which is a very positive thing, but it can also lead to making compromises that can leave them vulnerable to threats. A surge in the number of remote workers means there is a greater attack surface.”

The good news is there are good quality and cost-effective back-up and DR solutions available such as Acronis. Benefits of using Acronis include:

1) A rescue strategy
Good defences are important to stop data being compromised, but having back-up and recovery built into networks and systems will mean you are not permanently handicapped if a breach occurs. With Acronis, your files are actively protected from unauthorised modification or encryption using machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies. Your recovery time objectives will also be managed and process disruption will be minimised to a matter of seconds.

2) Quick and easy accessibility
Using Acronis, you have peace of mind knowing you can access you data whenever you need it, no matter where you are working. 

3) Complete protection within one workflow
This cloud-based solution has a centralised management and unified control system. Therefore, you will save money on licensing, education, and daily operations with a scalable tool that manages all tasks.

Talk to our Cloud Technology Specialists about data backup and recovery technology for your business.

Bespoke Hosted Desktops - Keeping Workforces Working Securely and Flexibly

When businesses quickly had to move to remote working, Linten’s technical team helped many new customers to transition smoothly using the very best IT solutions. This included Hosted Desktops (also known as Virtual Desktops). This solution is built on cloud technology and offers the workforce a reliable, secure, and familiar experience, no matter where they work from.

Efficient, integrated IT is important for any business to thrive. At Linten Technologies, although we offer Microsoft Virtual Desktop as a service which is suitable for some businesses, most of our customers enjoy the benefits of our bespoke Hosted Desktop solution. We customise the technology to suit your workplace and integrate with important applications for your sector such as Practice Management, CRMs, Sage and other accounts applications such as Iris etc. We build our Hosted Desktop environments on the Microsoft Azure platform, so customers can rest assured knowing that data is safe and backed up.

Hosted Desktop infrastructures are also a cost-effective solution for businesses as they remove the need for hardware and maintenance. Getting users set up is a breeze with support from our technical experts and it can be scaled up based on your business needs. The ability to scale up or down means you only pay for what your businesses uses and so you can enjoy a pay-as-you-go service with no hidden extras!

Another great feature about bespoke desktop services with Linten Technologies is you can still operate if there are outages or disruptions. Our IT technicians can even help you prepare for any planned maintenance and mitigate downtime or outages.

There are many benefits that Hosted Desktops can offer your workforce. If you are unsure if it is the right solution for your business, contact Linten’s friendly team for advice. We will discuss your business needs and growth strategy to ensure IT works for you.

Don’t sacrifice productivity or security by struggling with difficult technology, make your IT simple.

Managing devices securely in a remote working climate

As many businesses choose to work remotely or adopt the hybrid model (combination of office and remote working), there is a need to ensure that the workforce has the right technology to work productively, safely and securely, from wherever they are based.

Intune is Microsoft’s cloud-based solution that enables just this, giving businesses the functionality to expertly manage mobile and desktop devices and applications from anywhere.

Supporting platforms like Windows, Windows Mobile, iOS, and Android, Intune offers businesses the ability to manage mobile apps on personal devices and does so without compromising employee privacy.

Intune offers users:

  • A self-service portal for employees to register their devices and install applications.
  • Remote control features including passcode reset, data encryption, and full device wipe; meaning the business is covered should a device be lost or stolen.
  • Access control to block against specified applications or URLs.
  • Protection for data, including Exchange email and OneDrive for Business documents.

Supporting mobile working is nothing new for many businesses employees who access company systems when out visiting clients, partners or suppliers. Intune can tidy up the process and provide complete peace of mind that devices are secure.

Whatever the future working model for your organisation, Microsoft Intune can keep your business and your employees safeguarded.

Linten Technology’s IT Specialists are available to discuss the many features and benefits of Microsoft 365 for business. We can help you develop a solution that allows your entire workforce to access to your business’s applications, data, and resources, via virtually any device, from almost any location, with industry-leading security controls.

How Microsoft 365 can help you simplify GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been in the news a lot over the last few years. A ground-breaking EU privacy framework, it has empowered individuals across the European Union to use technology freely and safely with much reduced risk.

Yet despite all the hype around GDPR, the guidelines and rules are complex, and many businesses are unconfident about their compliance. So, what exactly does GDPR mean for your business? And how can using Microsoft 365 as a cloud solution help you simplify GDPR for your business?

What is GDPR?

A EU regulation enforced in May 2018, GDPR focuses on the privacy of EU citizens’ personal and sensitive data; whether that is a customer, an employee or a business partner. GDPR is concerned with strengthening the protection of data when it is collected, stored and used by organisations. The regulations outline expectations around data and guidelines on how to achieve those expectations.

Why does it matter to my business?

Every business must comply with the regulations, regardless of size or industry. Large fines face anyone in violation so organisations must ensure that they are treating personal data very carefully and taking the time and effort to understand and follow the rules. GDPR isn’t just about customer data; employee and recruitment data are also covered under the regulation. Candidate data must be handled delicately and disposed of if unsure.

How does Microsoft 365 help achieve GDPR compliance?

  • Get to know your data with Advanced eDiscovery

Probably the most important initial step to GDPR compliance is knowing what data you have. The Advanced eDiscovery tool allows you to take stock of what digital data your business is holding as well as filter it. You can also optimise your data, such as finding duplicate files and as such reducing your data quantity overall.

  • Manage how data is stored

Having control of data and managing its use is integral to GDPR. Microsoft 365 has device management capabilities so you can ensure that data policies are set for different devices within the organisation. Microsoft 365 also offers advanced data protection across all devices

  • Protect your customer data with encryption and cloud security

Microsoft 365 is designed with security at the heart to ensure that businesses are protected against cyberattacks. Device management and data protection controls run across your whole business cloud network. Privacy settings are offered at admin and user levels and document encryption ensures that your sensitive files are only seen by who you choose.

  • Track and report on data movement

GDPR place heavy emphasis on the reporting of data. Businesses must document and report on their data procedures to ensure compliance. Microsoft 365 simplifies the report process with tools such as audit logs which allow you to track and report easily and quickly. Data reports within 365 show data in classifications, the movement of the data and any transfers.

GDPR is prominent for any business and those responsible should ensure the appropriate policies and procedures are in place to remain compliant. Talk to us today to understand more about how Microsoft 365 can help simplify GDPR for your business, as well as the other benefits that support business success.

Unify remote and office working with Microsoft Teams

When lockdown occurred in the UK due to COVID-19, businesses had to adopt to a remote working culture very quickly. Linten Technologies supported a number of businesses to transition to Microsoft 365 to help staff stay connected and work efficiently. One of the main features supporting connectivity within 365 is Teams, a highly secure messenger, phone and video calling tool rolled into one.

In 2019, Teams was already enjoying a whopping 32 million daily active users around the world. That figure more than doubled in a matter of months following the arrival of the pandemic, and remote working became the ‘new normal’. Teams for remote working was the perfect solution, but how can it support businesses in unifying remote and office working?

Adapting for a hybrid future with Teams

Disruptions caused by the pandemic are not going to disappear quickly, and social distancing is likely to be required for the next few years. Many businesses have found that remote working does not hinder employee performance. For organisations capable of operating online, remote working should be embedded in their strategy and culture for the long-term.

Teams supports remote working seamlessly, but also provides the distinct ability to integrate and connect remote and office workers. For those looking to return to the office or enjoy the best of both working worlds, Microsoft Teams can offer you sustainable flexibility.

Teams integrates fully with the Microsoft 365 suite, giving users a familiar experience, regardless of location, that they will have already become accustomed to with Windows. Employees can switch between office and remote, and with the ability to blur camera backgrounds, employees no longer need to worry about where they are in the house or what’s behind them. Whether in the office, at home or on the train, your employees will have the same working experience.

Why it is the ideal solution

 The last six months have been trying for employees and businesses in almost every industry. The beauty of Teams is that you can tailor the software based on your preferences and build a more personalised system.

Microsoft is committed to developing Teams in line with the future of working; every month, new features that support a hybrid working style are being added to the ever-popular collaboration hub. It is also comforting to know that Teams has Microsoft’s enterprise grade security behind it and sits securely inside the Microsoft 365 protective layer.

Key features for hybrid working:

  •  Full integration with Microsoft 365
  • A proven track record for flexible working
  • On-the-go, seamless switching from office to remote
  • Mobile app, desktop app and web access
  • Wireless hardware compatibility
  • Regular updates and new features focused on flexible working
  • Easily scalable depending of business growth

Unify your working today

There are a few similar products available on the market that offer collaboration and connectivity through software. In truth, few come close to being able to offer the integration, security and connectivity that Teams provides. Microsoft Teams gives users and businesses the opportunity to digitally transform their workspace, removing the pressure of full-time office working and giving employees the flexibility to work anywhere, on any device in the cloud.

Is your business ready to transition to hybrid working? Speak to one of our expert IT Consultants to discuss the benefits of Microsoft 365 for your business.