My First Month at Linten

> In the heart of Manchester.

This past month has been an exciting one to say the least. Moving back to Manchester to experience the hustle and bustle of city living was high on my agenda. But wait… we were still in the depths of a global pandemic. So, I guess that had to wait. Starting a new job working remotely has certainly brought about its challenges. However, this was much easier than first anticipated due to the modern-day capabilities of technology. Fortunately, I was in the right place for all this to be a breeze and the subsequent support that I have received has been second to none… although again, this was to be expected.

> Why join Linten?

What appealed to me the most about working at Linten was the culture and values that were outlined to me. The friendly approach stood out to me most from the very first interview. The appeal to work for Linten has only grown stronger in the past four weeks. Having met the team and settled into my new role (albeit virtually) it has been great to see how incredibly friendly and supportive everyone is. Having the opportunity to learn, grow and progress in my new role was high up on my list of requirements when searching for a new job. I could see that Linten had great potential to be the company that could offer me all of this. It was fitting that my requirements for a new role were well suited to Linten’s own plans for future growth. This past month has certainly been a steep learning curve for me, especially as I am someone who has limited experience in the IT world. However, as someone who is always up for a challenge, I can honestly say that it has been a thoroughly enjoyable first four weeks!

> In at the deep end.

The responsibility and trust that has been given to me has been incredibly empowering from day one. It has really helped to feel like a valued member of the team which in turn has motivated me like very few jobs have done in the past. The hands-on approach to training has been ideal for me and my style of learning. Notably, the opportunity to attend business networking events as a representative for the company has helped me hit the ground running. Getting to communicate with current and potential customers has helped gain a great understanding of our company from the start.



Mobile Broadband - Saving Remote & Flexible Workers from Internet Connectivity Issues

Home schooling, partners working from home, room mates watching Netflix…. Since the move to remote working, our home broadband has seen a huge increase in usage, with more devices being connected for a number of different purposes. This has resulted in many workers experiencing intermittent internet availability throughout the day. Every home worker's nightmare when they have important video call meetings and busy workloads to get through.

As many business owners wait for more news about COVID-19 restrictions before many any permanent decisions about where their staff will work from, Mobile Home Broadband is proving be the ideal solution for solving current internet issues.

What is Mobile Home Broadband?

This is often only associated with just mobile usage, but it is perfect for providing a reliable and secure business network connection for other devices such as laptops. For home workers, it means they have a designated connection for themselves so they can enjoy good internet speeds. Having multiple businesses connected to one home network is also a security risk. Mobile Home Broadband gives the remote worker a private connection eliminating the risks associated with network sharing.

Many home workers using Mobile Home Broadband opt for a static router. However, Employees who work flexibly (combination of home, office, and other locations) benefit from taking their internet on the go with a pocket-sized Mi-Fi. This broadcasts the same good quality internet connection, but can be used wherever the team member needs to use it. From a security point of view, this is essential for staff who find themselves needing to use public Wi-Fi in coffee shops, hotels etc. Public Wi-Fi can easily be spoofed by cybercriminals and used to steal credentials or infect devices with malware.

It also means that staff can use their own devices to check emails and answer calls from hosted phone systems without needing to use their own data. If team members travel together for conferences or events, they can use the same Mi-Fi connection making it cost-effective business solution.


The best thing is about Mobile Home Broadband is businesses can benefit from unlimited data without being tied into long and costly contracts. Simply pay for the length of time it is required. This makes it a suitable long or short-term IT investment for any business.

Support your workforce to work efficiently and securely today. Book in a time to chat with one of our IT Specialists or contact us here to learn more about Mobile Home Broadband.

Is your Current Desktop Set-Up Putting your Health at Risk?

It is likely that the move to remote working saw one of the quickest digital transformations within your organisation. The adoption of cloud-based solutions such as hosted phones and virtual desktops has allowed teams to work efficiently and securely, no matter where they are. Modern workplace technology has revolutionised how businesses can operate by giving workforces agility, without compromising professional standards.

Many businesses are now considering permanently keeping their staff working remotely or flexibly. It is important that employers check their workforces have the appropriate desktop set-up like they would within an office environment. Bupa states that 1 in 4 home workers in the UK are hunched over their computers or laptops, putting their physical health at risk.

What is the health risk of a poor desktop set-up?

Back pain, stiff necks, and strained wrists. These are just some of the symptoms that people can suffer from if their hardware is not positioned correctly. This form of injury often creeps up on people, meaning they don’t spot it as an issue until it happens. It can result in time off work and long-term injuries.

We recommend all team members:

- Use a large monitor connected to the user's laptop. It should be positioned at eye level to prevent the user looking up or down at the screen.  If having a second monitor isn’t an option due to budget or space, then the laptop screen should be elevated to eye level using a stand. Same applies if you are using both a second monitor and the laptop screen.

- Use a separate keyboard and mouse. This prevents having the laptop screen too close or having to reach to use the laptop’s keyboard.

By following these recommendations, your staff can work in the correct upright position. 

Workload Demands

Many employees are experiencing new workload demands and spending more time at their desks. It is important that they are encouraged to take regular breaks to get up and move.

If you any need advice or support to ensure your remote staff are working correctly, book in a time to chat with one of our IT specialists below or contact us here. We will walk you through a number of options based on your workforce demands and future work environment plans. 




An example of the the ideal desktop set-up recommended for home workers.         

Microsoft Teams Uses AI to Reduce Background Noise

Microsoft Teams saw a huge influx of users in March, and remains a very popular choice for workforce communications. This due to the many great features for businesses including screen sharing and chat function.

Microsoft continues to stay ahead of the game when it comes to remote and flexible working. A new feature released this November using Artificial Intelligence to reduce background noise making interruptions from noisy pets and construction a thing of the past!

How does it work?

Businesses can expect to see artificial intelligence leveraged to reduce background noise and enhance the overall user experience for Microsoft Teams. Currently, Microsoft Teams utilises deep neural networks that are specially trained to analyse audio. The existing version of Microsoft Teams enables users to remove some background noise and reduce unwanted disruptions during calls. However, the new feature will allow for a “high” option for noise suppression.

Still at the forefront of security

Online security still remains a huge concern for businesses this year and is one of the reasons why Teams is favoured over many other video and audio call applications. It is built on the Microsoft 365 and Office 365 enterprise-grade cloud, delivering advanced security and compliance capabilities to keep users safe. Files shared via Teams are stored in SharePoint and are backed by SharePoint encryption, providing an extra layer of security.

Is your workforce missing out on using Teams? Speak to us today about the many Microsoft features to help your business thrive, no matter where your staff are located.

Enjoy Stress Free Fridays with Microsoft Lists

Hate that Friday feeling? You know the one! When you realise you haven’t done all the tasks you needed for the week. The dread sets in knowing they will be waiting for you on Monday, with more added.

Smash your weekly tasks with Microsoft Lists, a feature available through Microsoft 365. It enables users to track information, organise work streams, and build custom to-do lists. Employees can collaborate and communicate effortlessly, regardless of their location to each other.

Key benefits include:

  • Integration within Teams: Direct integration with Microsoft software and the Teams app enables companies to work without disruption across their existing platforms. Microsoft Lists fits perfectly with the tools your team already uses every day.
  • Quick lists: Creating lists within Teams takes no more than a few clicks. Custom lists help organise your projects, events, assets, and more.
  • Easy collaboration: Microsoft Lists and Teams can be viewed side by side. Rules, reminders, and comments help you track the most important aspects of any project and keep everyone in sync.
  • List templates: Pre-made templates help you generate lists in seconds. Get a jumpstart with a ready-made template and then share your list with relevant people in one click.
  • Custom lists: You are not confined to the templates within Microsoft Lists. Create custom lists to meet the unique needs of your team and view the lists in the way you prefer. Form elements can be configured, and you can use conditional formatting to highlight the most important details.
  • Issue tracker: Keep track of issues and resolve them quickly. You can set priorities within your list to closely manage outstanding items or issues. Notifications help your team stay on track and properly assign issues as needed.
  • Onboarding checklist: Onboarding a new employee remotely can be a struggle. Create an onboarding checklist to serve as a guide for all new employees to make sure they start with success.
  • Asset manager: Keeping a track of hardware and assets when employees are in different locations can be complicated. Create a record of all physical assets, detailing who is in possession of each item, items in repair, and check-out logs.

With custom lists, you can create templates that work for your industry. From event planning tools to custom productivity apps, Microsoft Lists has a wide range of applications. No matter your industry or company size, you can organise your work and stay in sync from anywhere.

New updates are rolling out every month. Make sure you are getting the most out of your Microsoft Teams app by reaching out to our IT Specialists who can help you stay up to date with the latest developments and help identify which tools are useful specifically for your business.

Not using Microsoft 365? Book a time to chat with us below to learn more about the many benefits for your business.