Improve Employee Satisfaction with Hosted Desktop Solutions

Rewind a year ago and many businesses were hardwired in their offices. Hosted Desktops were viewed as an optional luxury, adopted only by enterprises and businesses for whom remote working was non-negotiable. A year on, and not only has the adoption of cloud solutions like Hosted Desktops increased unprecedentedly, but so has the belief that these solutions can be the ideal solution for any changes in the market.

Hosted Desktops allow your users to access their familiar office desktop computers and applications from anywhere. With desktops in the cloud, users can work from home, on the train, or even at 30,000 feet. The pandemic has accelerated the need for the ‘work anywhere’ flexibility and this solution is indeed just that.

Linten Technologies offer two solutions, Microsoft's Virtual Desktop and our more popular bespoke Hosted Desktops. Both offer a range of benefits for employees.

A secure and familiar working environment

Both solutions offer a familiar environment for users when they log on their devices and both come with the latest security wraparound to offer peace of mind when working anywhere.

My of our customers choose a bespoke Hosted Desktop to ensure industry applications such as Sage and CRMs are fully integrated for optimal functionality. Microsoft 365 is a great solution for many businesses and works well with the many Microsoft 365 applications such as Teams.

Reduced costs

With our Hosted Desktops and Microsoft 365 licences, you only pay for what you actually use as a business. Gone are the days of paying a huge flat fee, allowing decision makers to invest the extra money in other important areas of the business and workforce.

More consistent productivity time

All our bespoke Hosted Desktops are built in Microsoft Azure, therefore you can expect the very best recovery and back-up technologies.  This means that you can minimise downtime and prepare in advance for planned maintenance, so your employees spend little if any time waiting for systems to get back-up and running. Less down-time equals more efficient operations and ultimately greater revenue!

Simplified IT management and processes

Our IT Specialists design bespoke Hosted Desktop infrastructures to work efficiently with applications. We can get users up and running quickly and securely, with limitless ability to scale and fully controllable automation.

Fast and Friendly Support

Our IT Specialists will always work hard to keep your solutions running efficiently and smoothly, but if there are ever any issues, your workforce can rely on swift support from our friendly IT Specialists.

For more information about Hosted Desktop and Microsoft Virtual Desktop, speak to out friendly team.

Unify remote and office working with Microsoft Teams

When lockdown occurred in the UK due to COVID-19, businesses had to adopt to a remote working culture very quickly. Linten Technologies supported a number of businesses to transition to Microsoft 365 to help staff stay connected and work efficiently. One of the main features supporting connectivity within 365 is Teams, a highly secure messenger, phone and video calling tool rolled into one.

In 2019, Teams was already enjoying a whopping 32 million daily active users around the world. That figure more than doubled in a matter of months following the arrival of the pandemic, and remote working became the ‘new normal’. Teams for remote working was the perfect solution, but how can it support businesses in unifying remote and office working?

Adapting for a hybrid future with Teams

Disruptions caused by the pandemic are not going to disappear quickly, and social distancing is likely to be required for the next few years. Many businesses have found that remote working does not hinder employee performance. For organisations capable of operating online, remote working should be embedded in their strategy and culture for the long-term.

Teams supports remote working seamlessly, but also provides the distinct ability to integrate and connect remote and office workers. For those looking to return to the office or enjoy the best of both working worlds, Microsoft Teams can offer you sustainable flexibility.

Teams integrates fully with the Microsoft 365 suite, giving users a familiar experience, regardless of location, that they will have already become accustomed to with Windows. Employees can switch between office and remote, and with the ability to blur camera backgrounds, employees no longer need to worry about where they are in the house or what’s behind them. Whether in the office, at home or on the train, your employees will have the same working experience.

Why it is the ideal solution

 The last six months have been trying for employees and businesses in almost every industry. The beauty of Teams is that you can tailor the software based on your preferences and build a more personalised system.

Microsoft is committed to developing Teams in line with the future of working; every month, new features that support a hybrid working style are being added to the ever-popular collaboration hub. It is also comforting to know that Teams has Microsoft’s enterprise grade security behind it and sits securely inside the Microsoft 365 protective layer.

Key features for hybrid working:

  •  Full integration with Microsoft 365
  • A proven track record for flexible working
  • On-the-go, seamless switching from office to remote
  • Mobile app, desktop app and web access
  • Wireless hardware compatibility
  • Regular updates and new features focused on flexible working
  • Easily scalable depending of business growth

Unify your working today

There are a few similar products available on the market that offer collaboration and connectivity through software. In truth, few come close to being able to offer the integration, security and connectivity that Teams provides. Microsoft Teams gives users and businesses the opportunity to digitally transform their workspace, removing the pressure of full-time office working and giving employees the flexibility to work anywhere, on any device in the cloud.

Is your business ready to transition to hybrid working? Speak to one of our expert IT Consultants to discuss the benefits of Microsoft 365 for your business.

Is a traditional telephone system hurting your business?

One hundred and forty-five years on from the first telephone patent by Alexander Graham Bell, the telephone remains an iconic mainstay for business communications.

But the telephone has come a long way since the 19th century. From the candlestick models, to the rotary dial version, touch tone and cordless phones, and more recently mobiles and smartphones, the telephony world has truly evolved. Today, cloud computing brings new opportunities for businesses.

Many businesses are moving their entire telephone systems to the cloud, removing the on-site infrastructure that comes with a traditional phone system. Hosted Phone Systems are available in various plans, creating flexibility to allow any business to take advantage of the many benefits.

Hosted Phone Systems support a wide variety of devices. For those businesses wanting to continue with the classic desktop handset, it is not a problem. Many businesses are choosing ‘’soft-phones’’ (software phones) and using a headset connected to their laptops.

Another major benefit of moving telephony to the cloud is the ability to work from anywhere in the world. This means your staff can work effectively in the office and remotely. Make the switch with Linten Technologies!

What is Hosted Desktop and how could it help your business survive COVID-19?

We are living in challenging times; many businesses have stopped dead in their tracks while the COVID-19 pandemic unfolds, and many are trying to meet increased demand with reduced resource. For IT businesses, the spotlight is solely on remote working solutions and security. Remote working became critical to saving lives almost overnight and, as such, businesses had ready themselves for home working very quickly. The demand for remote working solutions has increased like never before, with Microsoft seeing unchartered growth for its virtual collaboration tool Teams.

One of the most effective solutions to this demand is Hosted Desktop Infrastructure; the term used to describe hosting a desktop environment in a data centre or, more efficiently, on a cloud platform like Microsoft Azure; which hosts our Linten Hosted Desktop solutions.

Aptly described as ‘your desktop in the cloud’, Hosted Desktop offers users a secure virtual desktop that can be pre-configured and controlled to suit business requirements. Employees get the same Windows 10 experience on any device, just as if you were providing them with their own computer.

So how can Hosted Desktop help your business right now?

  • Quick and easy to scale: Hosted Desktop can be deployed and scaled in under an hour – perfect for the current remote working climate when you need to act quickly.
  • Increased security and control: Your data is safe on your internal IT system and security policies are fully enforced, providing peace of mind during a time rife with COVID-19-related cybercrime.
  • Full control and personalisation: You can deliver a bespoke Windows 10 desktop experience to employees on any device, pre-configured exactly how you want it.
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft 365 and Teams: Complete access to your applications, the same as on a physical desktop.
  • Flexible and efficient costing: you only pay for what you use with no long-term commitment, enabling any business to scale up or down as required, making it ideal for turbulent climates.
  • Very simple IT management: a centrally managed solution that reduces the time and cost of managing multiple PCs and laptops, enabling IT employees to focus on more important projects.
  • Work from anywhere! Hosted Desktops could enable your business to operative more flexibly and reactively long term, giving employees the option to work remotely long after the COVID-19 storm passes. Taking steps to improve your resilience now will offer benefits in the future.
  • Complete peace of mind: business security is, so far, the concern of the decade thanks to COVID-19, but with WVD your business is completely safe. Microsoft invest more than $1 billion each year on cybersecurity research and development and have 3,500 security experts dedicated to data security and privacy.

Is Remote Working the New Normal?

The past month has been a rollercoaster of change due to the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the most prominent transitions is that of working from home instead of in the office. The UK has adapted to remote working well, given the circumstances; many able businesses have introduced new remote processes and employees have established new ways of co-working. Adoption of remote working solutions is through the roof; Microsoft saw a 25% increase in Microsoft Teams usage in the first week of lockdown, and meeting minutes hit 2.1 billion in a single day on the 31st March.

It seems that remote working, and the flexible benefits that come with it, is being embraced as the “new normal”. But the big question is, will things ever go back to the “old normal?” Or will a new hybrid way of working be favoured?

Indeed, it looks like mass remote working is, in some capacity, here to stay. Consulting firm Global Workplace Analytics’ president Kate Lister predicts that within the next few years around 30% of people will be working from home a few days a week. Quoted by, she added that there has been demand by employees for greater work-life flexibility and now employers have had a chance to see the light.

It is likely that the use of hot-desk spaces and huddle rooms will increase, enabling employees to collaborate in person only when they really need to. Flexible working options like this offer opportunities for increased productivity, backed up by a poll (The Independent) last year surveying employees who had flexibility in working time and location.

At Linten, we have helped our customers to keep their businesses running smoothly during the disruptions with the very latest IT solutions that support remote working.

If you are struggling with your IT due to the changes in working environments, speak to our friendly team about the tech solutions that could support your business.