It is likely that the move to remote working saw one of the quickest digital transformations within your organisation. The adoption of cloud-based solutions such as hosted phones and virtual desktops has allowed teams to work efficiently and securely, no matter where they are. Modern workplace technology has revolutionised how businesses can operate by giving workforces agility, without compromising professional standards.

Many businesses are now considering permanently keeping their staff working remotely or flexibly. It is important that employers check their workforces have the appropriate desktop set-up like they would within an office environment. Bupa states that 1 in 4 home workers in the UK are hunched over their computers or laptops, putting their physical health at risk.

What is the health risk of a poor desktop set-up?

Back pain, stiff necks, and strained wrists. These are just some of the symptoms that people can suffer from if their hardware is not positioned correctly. This form of injury often creeps up on people, meaning they don’t spot it as an issue until it happens. It can result in time off work and long-term injuries.

We recommend all team members:

– Use a large monitor connected to the user’s laptop. It should be positioned at eye level to prevent the user looking up or down at the screen.  If having a second monitor isn’t an option due to budget or space, then the laptop screen should be elevated to eye level using a stand. Same applies if you are using both a second monitor and the laptop screen.

– Use a separate keyboard and mouse. This prevents having the laptop screen too close or having to reach to use the laptop’s keyboard.

By following these recommendations, your staff can work in the correct upright position. 

Workload Demands

Many employees are experiencing new workload demands and spending more time at their desks. It is important that they are encouraged to take regular breaks to get up and move.

If you any need advice or support to ensure your remote staff are working correctly, book in a time to chat with one of our IT specialists below or contact us here. We will walk you through a number of options based on your workforce demands and future work environment plans. 




An example of the the ideal desktop set-up recommended for home workers.