Rewind a year ago and many businesses were hardwired in their offices. Hosted Desktops were viewed as an optional luxury, adopted only by enterprises and businesses for whom remote working was non-negotiable. A year on, and not only has the adoption of cloud solutions like Hosted Desktops increased unprecedentedly, but so has the belief that these solutions can be the ideal solution for any changes in the market.

Hosted Desktops allow your users to access their familiar office desktop computers and applications from anywhere. With desktops in the cloud, users can work from home, on the train, or even at 30,000 feet. The pandemic has accelerated the need for the ‘work anywhere’ flexibility and this solution is indeed just that.

Linten Technologies offer two solutions, Microsoft’s Virtual Desktop and our more popular bespoke Hosted Desktops. Both offer a range of benefits for employees.

A secure and familiar working environment

Both solutions offer a familiar environment for users when they log on their devices and both come with the latest security wraparound to offer peace of mind when working anywhere.

My of our customers choose a bespoke Hosted Desktop to ensure industry applications such as Sage and CRMs are fully integrated for optimal functionality. Microsoft 365 is a great solution for many businesses and works well with the many Microsoft 365 applications such as Teams.

Reduced costs

With our Hosted Desktops and Microsoft 365 licences, you only pay for what you actually use as a business. Gone are the days of paying a huge flat fee, allowing decision makers to invest the extra money in other important areas of the business and workforce.

More consistent productivity time

All our bespoke Hosted Desktops are built in Microsoft Azure, therefore you can expect the very best recovery and back-up technologies.  This means that you can minimise downtime and prepare in advance for planned maintenance, so your employees spend little if any time waiting for systems to get back-up and running. Less down-time equals more efficient operations and ultimately greater revenue!

Simplified IT management and processes

Our IT Specialists design bespoke Hosted Desktop infrastructures to work efficiently with applications. We can get users up and running quickly and securely, with limitless ability to scale and fully controllable automation.

Fast and Friendly Support

Our IT Specialists will always work hard to keep your solutions running efficiently and smoothly, but if there are ever any issues, your workforce can rely on swift support from our friendly IT Specialists.

For more information about Hosted Desktop and Microsoft Virtual Desktop, speak to out friendly team.