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You wouldn’t land a plane without ground control, so why run a business without IT support?

Technology should lay the foundations for today’s modern workplaces to grow and thrive, yet too many businesses are losing money and time as a result due to a poor IT setup and lack of technical skills. Consider us to be your outsourced IT department who will keep your business on track.

When it comes to IT support, we don’t offer a one size fits all approach. We will get to know your business including workforce demands and challenges you face. This means we can offer you the right level of support that meets your needs whilst remaining cost-effective.

We have been trusted by businesses of all sizes and sectors for over 20 years to help them continually evolve their technology. When working with Linten Technologies, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing you have a dedicated expert team of IT Specialists just a click away.

Not sure where to begin with IT support for business?

Book a meeting with one of our IT Specialists and find out how we can support your IT Infrastructure.

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What you can expect from our IT support service…

Let us identify and solve the issues before they impact your business.

Enjoy fast and friendly responses from our IT Specialists based in the UK.

Our IT Support retainers are easily scalable to suit workforce demands.

Your dedicated account manager is on hand to ensure you get the most from out IT support.

Frequently Asked Questions about IT Support for Businesses

What is managed IT support?
Managed IT support is where you work with a technology provider for your business IT needs. Your IT infrastructure lays the foundations for business success, and so you should always work with an IT provider you trust.
What are the benefits of managed IT support for my business?
Many small to medium business owners enjoy having expert technical support without having to hire internally. Check out the many benefits of outsourced IT support here.
Does my business need IT support services?
Do your staff complain or slow devices? Do you get stressed when there is an issue with your laptop because you have to spend hours trying to fix it? Are you confident your business is resilient against cyber-attacks? If you are unsure about any of the technology you are using for your business, or you are having lots of issues then you need IT support. The best part about working with Linten Technologies is that we will advise on the right level of support for your business making it a cost-effective service for business success.
What industries need IT support services?
Businesses of all sizes and across all industries can benefit from IT support. At Linten Technologies, we work with businesses across many industries. When it comes to IT, we never use the one size fits all approach. Before we ever recommend IT services or solutions, we will get to know your business first. This includes understanding your workforce demands, business goals, and growth plans. This ensures we offer the very best IT services to improve security and productivity.
What IT support solutions does Linten Technologies offer?
From IT support packages to web hosting, we offer a range of IT services for businesses. Learn more here.
What if my business already has an IT department?
We have worked with many businesses that have IT departments through a variety of services including IT consultancy and audits, cyber security and Microsoft 365 Business. If your IT department needs support or cover for illness/holidays, our flexible approach will mean you always have the technical expertise your business needs.
What is Pro-active IT Support?
Reactive IT Support serves as a safety net for when things go wrong. This level of support is often the more favoured choice by sole workers and micro-businesses who have a simple IT infrastructure and require help 'as and when'. Our pro-active IT Support provides continuous monitoring on servers and networks to prevent issues occurring in the first place. This includes increased protection from malware (malicious software) attacks and efficient data back-up. With pro-active support, you can have peace of mind that our highly skilled technical team are working in the background to keep things running smoothly. 
Is reactive or pro-active support right for my business?
Our IT Specialists will take the time to get to know your business to understand the level of IT support will most benefit your workforce and infrastructure, whilst staying within your budget. 
Why is data backup so important?
Hardware or software failures, human error, cyber-attacks...these are just some of the ways your data can be lost or damaged. If a disaster happens, having your data backed up means your business can recover quickly from an incident. With proactive monitoring, your data will continuously be backed up on multiple servers for fail-over protection. We can alert you of your storage is running low so that you don't leave any valuable data vulnerable.  Learn more about the benefits of data backup HERE

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