Hate that Friday feeling? You know the one! When you realise you haven’t done all the tasks you needed for the week. The dread sets in knowing they will be waiting for you on Monday, with more added.

Smash your weekly tasks with Microsoft Lists, a feature available through Microsoft 365. It enables users to track information, organise work streams, and build custom to-do lists. Employees can collaborate and communicate effortlessly, regardless of their location to each other.

Key benefits include:

  • Integration within Teams: Direct integration with Microsoft software and the Teams app enables companies to work without disruption across their existing platforms. Microsoft Lists fits perfectly with the tools your team already uses every day.
  • Quick lists: Creating lists within Teams takes no more than a few clicks. Custom lists help organise your projects, events, assets, and more.
  • Easy collaboration: Microsoft Lists and Teams can be viewed side by side. Rules, reminders, and comments help you track the most important aspects of any project and keep everyone in sync.
  • List templates: Pre-made templates help you generate lists in seconds. Get a jumpstart with a ready-made template and then share your list with relevant people in one click.
  • Custom lists: You are not confined to the templates within Microsoft Lists. Create custom lists to meet the unique needs of your team and view the lists in the way you prefer. Form elements can be configured, and you can use conditional formatting to highlight the most important details.
  • Issue tracker: Keep track of issues and resolve them quickly. You can set priorities within your list to closely manage outstanding items or issues. Notifications help your team stay on track and properly assign issues as needed.
  • Onboarding checklist: Onboarding a new employee remotely can be a struggle. Create an onboarding checklist to serve as a guide for all new employees to make sure they start with success.
  • Asset manager: Keeping a track of hardware and assets when employees are in different locations can be complicated. Create a record of all physical assets, detailing who is in possession of each item, items in repair, and check-out logs.

With custom lists, you can create templates that work for your industry. From event planning tools to custom productivity apps, Microsoft Lists has a wide range of applications. No matter your industry or company size, you can organise your work and stay in sync from anywhere.

New updates are rolling out every month. Make sure you are getting the most out of your Microsoft Teams app by reaching out to our IT Specialists who can help you stay up to date with the latest developments and help identify which tools are useful specifically for your business.

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