Proud sponsors of VMFC

Linten Technologies have been a proud sponsor of Village Manchester Football Club for over 5 years. It is a club that fits in perfectly with Linten’s values, with inclusivity at the heart of it.

Proud sponsors

Linten Technologies are the proud sponsors of Village Manchester Football Club (VMFC), an LGBTQ+ friendly team whose ethos is simple; ‘everyone welcome, discrimination is not.’ We asked VMFC’s Communications Officer & Treasurer, Steve Joyce a few questions so you can get to know them better!

What is VMFC’s mission?

”Village Manchester Football Club was formed in February 1996 to give gay and bi-sexual guys the chance to play and support the sport we love in a safe, welcoming environment. Since then we’ve grown massively, and have six teams giving players of all abilities the chance to play football. These days, we’re delighted to welcome many straight allies whilst remaining Manchester’s gay-friendly club.”

Tell us more about the teams and players…

”For many years, VMFC had two teams, but in the last three years, the club has grown quickly and we now have six! The firsts and seconds play on Saturday afternoons in the Lancashire and Cheshire League. The thirds and fourths, who play on Sunday mornings, are in the Manchester Amateur Sunday Football League. We also have two ‘Reserves’ teams who play weekly against each other and where new players start out before moving up.

We always welcome new players of all abilities. Whether you are a brilliant player or (think) you are not so good, there is a place for you at VMFC. The players represent every sexuality including straight guys who prefer a club without offensive ‘banter’. We are also the club of choice for many trans players who were also attracted to the club’s ethos.

Our players love the club as they have formed some of the strongest friendships of their lives and we protect our players from any form of abuse. It’s all about playing football without the hassle!”

How has sponsorship from Linten Technologies supported the club?

”Sponsorship is essential to keep the club running. There are a lot of expenses but the main being pitch hire in the city centre. Without the support of Linten Technologies, we would have to increase the membership fees which may result in people being excluded which is the last thing we would ever want. It is because of Linten we can also offer those not in full time employment a reduced rate.”

How does someone support or join the team?

Follow VMFC on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook at villagemancfc for more news and exciting updates.

If you are interested in getting involved, visit their website:

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