The top 5 benefits of IT support

Providing insights on the top 5 reasons why collaborating with a trusted IT provider can empower your business to thrive and fortify its defences against evolving cyber threats

Foundations for success

You wouldn’t land a plane without ground control support, so when technology is at the very core of your business, why wouldn’t you be working with a Managed IT Services Provider? Too many businesses jeopardise their operations with ‘off-the-shelf’ IT solutions and one-size-fits-all services. Your IT set-up should lay the foundations for success. Here are 5 top reasons why working with a trusted IT provider will help your business thrive.

1. Improved productivity and efficiency

Technology should provide the tools your workforces need to do their jobs to their full potentials. Yet even with today’s modern workplace demands, far too many businesses cause unnecessary stress by giving their staff slow and inefficient technology including laptops and internet. Working with a trusted IT partner will mean your staff will have the right IT set-up to do what they do best, and whenever they need support, an expert is just a click or call away.

2. Proactive monitoring of your IT systems

As well as your team benefitting from reactive support when they face IT issues, having proactive IT monitoring means you have IT specialists working behind the scenes to keep things running smoothly. If they encounter a potential issue, such as data storage running low or a security vulnerability, they can correct them before they become a much bigger problem. This gives business owner’s peace of mind and prevents costly problems arising. Proactive monitoring also gives businesses a deeper understanding of their technology through regular reports containing detailed insights.

3. The latest in communications and connectivity

Businesses rely on communications and internet connectivity more than ever before. Working with an IT provider for your business broadband means you can rest assured knowing that you have the very best connectivity. An IT provider will also suggest failover options as a backup if your primary connection encounters issues. It also means if there is a problem with your internet, an IT provider will be be on-hand quickly to solve the problem, unlike many other providers who have do not have fast response times written into their service level agreements.

4. Defend against the latest cyber threats

Cyber threats against businesses are continually emerging. They are also becoming increasingly sophisticated as cybercriminals change their tactics in response to new technology or world events. Regardless of size or industry, businesses must take action to build their resilience to cyber-attacks in order to keep their workforce and data safe. A successful data breach can lead to ICO fines, loss of loyal custom, and reputational damage. Working with an IT provider that understands cyber security will help you secure your business by putting the right controls in place.

5. Cost-effective

It might be tempting to set up your business’s IT infrastructure yourself. However, this can be far more costly than working with an IT provider. Our IT specialists will take the time to understand your business processes, goals, and growth strategy in order to put the right IT services and solutions in place. Buying ‘off the shelf’ and ‘one-size-fits-all’ services can introduce security vulnerabilities and create problems if they are not properly integrated, optimised, and configured.

IT specialists you can trust

When it comes to business technology, trust is key. Linten Technologies have been trusted by businesses for over twenty years, providing first-class support and the latest IT services. We make IT simple for business.

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