Joining Linten back in the summer of 2021, having only recently moved to Manchester, I was keen to get myself involved with as much as possible. Upon being told that we were sponsors of a local football club, I was encouraged to get myself down to one of their training sessions. You will discover that I have been very grateful for taking up the offer!

Fun, fitness, football, and friends for life is highlighted on the club’s homepage. Joining a new football club can be fairly daunting as most people would agree. There’s always that bit of optimism that you’ll fit in with the lads right away. Within the first 5 minutes, you could tell that this was indeed going to be the case. My first training session had such a welcoming atmosphere, and you could tell that everyone was there for the same purpose… fun, fitness, football.

How well the club is run from top to bottom…

Village Manchester FC welcomes anyone who loves football. As a club that has been going for over 25 years, it has become one of the oldest inclusive football clubs in the world. The club has grown over the years and now has 5 teams regularly playing each week. This is a testament to how organised and well run the club is from top to bottom.

Great opportunities

Having multiple teams gives opportunities for players of all standards, and the inclusivity aspect of the club is a real positive. As someone not originally from the UK, joining VMFC has opened a whole host of opportunities. Joining Linten has opened a handful of opportunities for me, helping me to improve my network and social circles in Manchester. What’s great about VMFC is that it’s not about being the best footballer… there’s a chance for everyone to fit in.

Long-standing sponsors…

Linten Technologies have been a proud sponsor of Village Manchester Football Club for over 5 years. It is a club that fits in perfectly with Linten’s values, with inclusivity at the heart of it. Regardless of your background, VMFC gives people the chance to play and support the sport they love in a safe, welcoming environment and prides itself on being Manchester’s gay-friendly football club. This is something that Linten are truly proud to support and get behind.

General information about the club

Village Manchester Football Club was formed in February 1996 to give gay and bi guys the chance to play and support the sport they love in a safe, welcoming environment. Since then, the club has grown massively, giving players of all abilities the chance to play football.

Weekly training sessions take place at Trinity Sports Centre on floodlit top quality 3G pitches close to the University and MMU on the edge of Hulme. The First and Second Teams play in a local league on Saturday afternoons and the Third and Fourth Teams play in a local league on Sunday mornings. The Fifth Team plays friendlies, both external and intra-club.

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