Cyber Security for Business

Create a Strong Cyber Secure Workforce Culture

Businesses often avoid addressing online security as it often seems very confusing to even know where to begin. Lack of understanding leads to poor business processes, which then create vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers and online scammers. 

Empowering your workforce to become cyber aware is on of the most effective ways of building resilience to the latest threats. Our Cyber Awareness training is delivered in a simple but engaging way, with no prior IT or security knowledge required.

Security modules covered:

– Passwords

– Phishing and Smishing Attempts

– Malware

– Patching/Updates

– Social Engineering 


Businesses using specialist industry applications and software would benefit from our bespoke package. Following a pre-assessment, our Security Specialists will design training to demonstrate what threats your organisation faces, and how best to defend against them. We will also tailor all take-away materials to support the team’s learnings.


Third party breaches can have a devastating impact on the supply chain. Build a resilient business community by booking Cyber Awareness training for your customers and partners.

Takeaway materials are provided to assist attendees with their cyber security learnings. Training can be delivered online or in person. 

Human error is the main cause of 95% of cyber security breaches’ 

– Usecure, 2019 

Not Sure Where to Begin with Online Security
for Business?

We are here to help businesses grow through the latest business technology solutions. Before jumping right in, we work with our customers to fully understand their business including current IT set-up, workforce demands, and growth plans. This ensures that we offer the right recommendations to help businesses save money, work efficiently, and thrive in their sector. 

Linten Technologies have been working with businesses of all sizes and across many sectors for over 20 years. As Modern Workplace & Cloud Technology Specialists, our team have a diverse range of technical skills including helpdesk support, cloud-based solutions, Microsoft for business, and cyber security. 

Book a meeting with one of our friendly IT Specialists below or drop us a message via the contact form. We are here to make IT simple for your business. 

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