Lookout Mobile Phone Security

Advanced Security for Mobile Phones

Used widely in Government Departments and large organisations, Lookout is a leader in mobile phone security. We are proud to be one of the first IT Support Providers in the UK to offer this solution to small and medium businesses. 

Security that goes where you go

Mobiles phones are where personal and business data meet. This wealth of sensitive data along with the lack of protection is why cybercriminals are turning their attentions to mobile phone users. As staff increasingly become more agile and require the use of business applications on multiple devices, the time to take mobile phone security is now. Lookout has you covered. 

Security features include protection against:

– Malicious applications & Websites

– Email & Txt Message scams (Phishing & Smishing)

– Malware (Viruses)

Driven by intelligence 

Cybercrime is continually evolving. Lookout uses artificial intelligence to analyse telemetry data from nearly 200 million devices and over 120 million applications. This protects your data from known and new threats without violating your privacy and trust. 

Comprehensive Security for Compliance

Many industries such as finance and must meet the regulatory standards for data protection. Lookout Comprehensive prevents data leakage from other applications installed onto your mobile device, making it an ideal solution for businesses needing to meet data protection standards. 

Cyber Security that’s right for your business 

When it comes to cyber security for business, we understand it can be confusing to know where to start. IT security is at the heart of what we do. We will get to know your business better so we can identify vulnerabilities that can be exploited by cybercriminals. This means we can offer you the very best services and solutions to secure your business and protect your workforce and important business data. Drop us a message or book a time to chat below, our friendly IT Specialists are here to help!

What are the common cyber threats against businesses? 

Not Sure Where to Begin with Online Security
for Business?

We are here to help businesses grow through the latest business technology solutions. Before jumping right in, we work with our customers to fully understand their business including current IT set-up, workforce demands, and growth plans. This ensures that we offer the right recommendations to help businesses save money, work efficiently, and thrive in their sector. 

Linten Technologies have been working with businesses of all sizes and across many sectors for over 20 years. As Modern Workplace & Cloud Technology Specialists, our team have a diverse range of technical skills including helpdesk support, cloud-based solutions, Microsoft for business, and cyber security. 

Book a meeting with one of our friendly IT Specialists below or drop us a message via the contact form. We are here to make IT simple for your business. 

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