Relying on a system of internet-based products requires a strong server and network to host your devices for maximum functionality in your business.

The hospitality industry has shifted to a landscape of WiFi-based products like wireless POS devices, QR codes, and TV screens which all require a strong network that can host them all without slowing down business. This is where Linten can help.

We understand the need to revolutionise hospitality establishments to digitalise systems and speed up processing, at Linten we can offer a personalised server that will host all your devices and run on a reliable WiFi network so you’ll never have to worry about losing connection. This will connect and support all your digital systems including CCTV through a centralised network.

Our security solutions can offer you the maximum defence against cyber breaches, with a localised and centralised server, your client’s data will always be protected. Linten has a network of partners that can offer additional support and solutions to your security needs if necessary.

Linten365 can also provide support to your Microsoft systems already in place, strengthening its abilities and streamlining its processes to work specifically for your business needs. Our software is second to none in improving the performance levels of your system, supporting your business as it grows.

To find out how Linten can centralise your network and maximise your workflow, book in today for a complimentary exploratory call with one of our hospitality experts.

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