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Reliable Internet Connectivity and Telecommunications for Business

Internet Connectivity and Telecommunications for Business – We are your Trusted IT Partners. Communications and connectivity are vital for today’s modern businesses, and therefore shouldn’t be left to chance with ‘off-the-shelf’ options or unreliable providers. We offer a range of broadband and telecommunication technology services that will enhance your customer service and workforce collaboration. 

Telecommunication services are continuing to evolve including video conferencing and cloud-based phone systems. This is allowing workforces to become more agile and saving businesses money. As telecom services emerge with IT solutions, it can be confusing to know which services are right for your business. Our IT Specialists understand walk you through our telecommunication technology options based on your workforce demands, goals, and growth plans. 

When it comes to connectivity, you want high speed internet you can rely on. Whether your workforce is on-site or working from home, we have broadband options to keep 

them connected and working securely. Working with Linten Technologies means you will have the very best broadband options for your business with speedy support from our expert team of IT Specialists if required. 

Learn more about our telecommunication and internet connectivity options below or book in a time to chat with one of our friendly team. 


The Big Switch 2025, if your business ready? The UK is going digital and moving away from analogue. 

Business Internet and Telecommunications We Offer

Hosted Phones (VoIP)

The future of telephony is in the cloud. Send and receive calls from anywhere, using any device, without impacting the quality.

Music On-Hold Service

Maximise your marketing and enhance your customer service with our engaging music and messaging service.

Business Internet Connectivity

From leased lines, or fibre broadband, we can offer you the very best internet connectivity with failover options.

SIM Only

Enjoy unlimited data offers on mobile sims for business.


Offering a secure and reliable connection for remote and flexible workforces.

Not Sure Where to Begin with Telecommunications and Internet Connectivity for Business?

Our IT Specialists are here to help!

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We are here to make telecommunications simple for your business. 


”I have been a customer for over 10 years and I can never think of a time when Linten’s service was other than outstanding.” – Will, Kintish Ltd

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is business telecommunications?

    In today’s digital world, telecommunications and IT are emerging, and so you need a trusted IT partner to ensure you get the very best telephony services that are right for your business. We will ensure that your telecommunications is seamlessly integrated into your IT system to optimise efficiency for your workforce.

  • What is the big digital switch over?

    Remember when TV’s moved from analogue to digital? Well the big digital switch is similar to this but with your phone services. The UK has vastly outgrown the old analogue system and is being replaced by a digital system by 2025. This means that all businesses must have switched to a hosted phone (VoIP) service or use mobile phones by this time. 

  • Can I save money on my business telecommunications?

    Yes, switching to a hosted phone system (VoIP) from a traditional landline can save you up to 80%. This is because there is less equipment and maintenance required as well as much cheaper call costs. It is also much cheaper to scale VoIP as your workforce and business grows.

    Our SIM only services are also a cost-effective choice for businesses who have staff that require mobile phones as well as VoIP or who would just prefer to use mobile numbers rather than a landline number. 

  • Can we keep our current phone number?

    Yes, when switching to a hosted phone system or SIM only service, we can transfer your existing number(s) to your new hosted phone system and/or SIM. This prevents the hassle of having to change numbers on your website, marketing materials etc. 

    Will we experience any disruption to connectivity if we switch to a hosted phone system (VoIP)?

    Very little if any! Moving to VoIP is quick and our expert technicians will work with you to make the transfer as smooth as possible.

  • Which telecommunication system is best for my business?

    We don’t believe in the one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to telephony. When we work with businesses, we get to know your business goals, growth plans, and workforce demands so that we can recommend the right telecommunication services for your business. We are always on-hand to offer support once a telephony services is integrated to ensure is working smoothly and effectively. 

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