The Future of Telephony is in the Cloud

Today’s modern workplace requires innovative and agile technology to thrive. Efficient communications are a priority, and that is why businesses are choosing hosted phone systems.

Hosted phones systems, also known as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), uses the internet to make and receive calls. This cloud-based solution liberates users from fixed landlines that are connected via a copper wire network.  In 2025, the traditional landline phones will become obsolete, making way for VoIP systems. This means migrating to VoIP now is a future-proof strategy.

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The benefits of hosted phones for business

AGILE WORKING: Whether your team works on-site, remotely or flexibly between the two, VoIP is the ideal solution as users can anywhere in the world and on any device. Calls can be made, received and transferred with ease using the hosted phone system’s application giving staff agility no matter where they work.

COST-EFFECTIVE: With less hardware to maintain, cheaper international call rates, and no expensive landline rates, VoIP can save businesses up to 80% compared to traditional systems.

ROBUST & SECURE:  Online security is a priority for businesses. VoIP has many features to keep call data safe from breaches including call encryption and software updates.

SCALABLE: As a cloud-based software, businesses can quickly and easily scale the number of users based on workforce demands.

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