Back-up and disaster recovery (DR) solutions can be neglected in business strategies. Due to the recent rise in cyber-attacks however, there is now a major need to implement strong back-up and DR solutions to keep your organisation and valuable data fully protected.

David Samuelson, CEO of ISACA, explains: “Organisations are rapidly moving toward new ways of doing business during this time, which is a very positive thing, but it can also lead to making compromises that can leave them vulnerable to threats. A surge in the number of remote workers means there is a greater attack surface.”

The good news is there are good quality and cost-effective back-up and DR solutions available such as Acronis. Benefits of using Acronis include:

1) A rescue strategy
Good defences are important to stop data being compromised, but having back-up and recovery built into networks and systems will mean you are not permanently handicapped if a breach occurs. With Acronis, your files are actively protected from unauthorised modification or encryption using machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies. Your recovery time objectives will also be managed and process disruption will be minimised to a matter of seconds.

2) Quick and easy accessibility
Using Acronis, you have peace of mind knowing you can access you data whenever you need it, no matter where you are working. 

3) Complete protection within one workflow
This cloud-based solution has a centralised management and unified control system. Therefore, you will save money on licensing, education, and daily operations with a scalable tool that manages all tasks.

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