Phishing (emails) and Smishing (txts) attempts are designed to get people to click on a link and hand over sensitive information or to download a file containing malicious software.

These scams differ in how convincing they look. Some target specific people, and with a bit if research can mimic another employee or supplier. Other attempts rely on sending lots of untargeted emails or txts at once hoping to catch a few people off guard.

A successful attempt could lead to serious data breaches or dangerous malware infecting business networks. Malware that encrypts data is often referred to ransomware as a payment is demanded by the attackers to release it.

Below is an actual phishing attempt sent to Linten Technologies’ CEO, Steven Allan. We have highlighted the the tell tale signs so you can watch out for attempts sent to your business and workforce.

Real life attempt sent to Linten Technologies with the aim of tricking the CEO into downloading what could be a malicious file.

We recommend that businesses invest in good security software to filter phishing attempts and stop them from landing in inboxes. Staff should receive regular awareness training also. Cyber Essentials certification is the ideal way of ensuring you have all the right solutions in place to defend against the latest online threats. It also shows your customers and suppliers that you take data protection seriously.

Not sure where to start with cyber security for your business? Speak to our helpful IT Specialists who are here to help with the very best advice!