What to look out for when obtaining a new domain.

  • Buy your own Domain to ensure you never get held to ransom if your agencies relationship breaks down
  • Secure similar domains associated with your business to prevent people from squatting on them.
  • Look out for hidden fees and always read the T&Cs.
  • Set your domain to auto-renew… you can always cancel when required.
  • Consider buying multiple domain extensions for your business for example, .co.uk, .com .org, .net

Choosing the right provider can save you money in the long term and can make your life easier, depending on what its management features are like. Linten is a Nominet Accredited Channel Partner which is an exclusive merit provided to trusted UK domain registrars. This accreditation is only given to registrars that offer a premium service that performs to the high level required by the Nominet regulations.


Here’s what one of our customers have to say…

‘Linten did a phenomenal job transferring all my domains from multiple registrars helping to unify costs and simplify my bill. Linten made things super easy and helped take care of all the DNS settings as part of the service. Amazing!’

Ian – Conspicuous Marketing


Nowadays you can buy a domain name in a few clicks from various mass domain resellers, but do they truly take care of you and your business’s needs?

As well as providing a reliable and efficient domain registry service, we can help transfer and make sure your emails and website are aligned to the new host.


Who do you go to when you need help with transferring to a new provider?

Don’t get stung by expensive renewal fees that can skyrocket after only a year… At Linten we can ensure that your domains renew in the right way with no hidden fees and full transparency. We will ensure your domain is set to auto-renew meaning you never need to worry about losing ownership. There have been many instances in the past where domains have been bought by other parties due to owners forgetting to renew their domain.

We also make sure you maintain complete ownership of any registered domains giving you full control and transparency with help along the way. There are many cases where 3rd party agencies have held customers to ransom over their domain due to ownership when relationships turn bad.

There are many reasons why businesses choose to have their domains and web hosting managed by an IT company like Linten. When it comes to your business website, you cannot afford to have hosting issues affecting its availability. Buying hosting and domains directly from 3rd party mass resellers doesn’t guarantee you will receive a swift response time if you encounter any issues.

We are here to make sure your hosting and domains are stable and secure. Time is a precious resource to every business. Setting up and managing hosting and domains can be very time consuming, especially when you might not have the technical expertise.


What you get when choosing Linten…

  • Get more for your money with a comprehensive managed service.
  • Have your DNS and email settings taken care of.
  • Security taken seriously.
  • Renews in the right way with no hidden fees and full transparency.
  • Be in full control and have the freedom to use any web design company.
  • Options to pay by card or direct debit so you never miss a renewal.


As opposed to most mass domain resellers who offer a basic registration service… which most of the time is self-service, why not take away the stress and have peace of mind everything is taken care of. Linten provides a straightforward migration process and offers multiple payment plans that other companies may not.