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What is an outsourced IT department?

This is when a business chooses to work with an IT support service provider rather than having their own IT department in-house. The IT support provider is still on-hand to work alongside staff like an IT department would, but they work externally rather than within the business.

What are the business benefits of outsourcing IT?

1. Cost Savings (without compromising the quality of the service)

The internal hiring costs for an IT department is not an option for most business owners, especially those running startups. By working with a trusted outsourced IT provider, an SME would be saving money whilst still having access to the technical skillset of IT and Cyber Security professionals.

2. Laying the Foundations to Success

Many businesses do not have the internal technical expertise to lay the right IT foundations for success. By outsourcing your IT support, you will have access to the latest technology that is carefully selected for your business needs. At Linten Technologies, we take our time to get to know businesses before we offer services. This includes getting to know your workforce demands, business goals, and growth plans, so we can make IT work for you and not the other way around.

3. Empowering Your Workforce to Do What They Do Best

Research shows that a slow or poor functioning workstation can cost up to 25% of your workforce’s time. Your workforce is your most important asset, so why give them inefficient tools for the job? Outsourcing your IT will ensure that your IT infrastructure is optimised to allow staff to be productive and do what they do best. If an issue occurs, an IT department will do the problem solving for you, often before you even know it is an issue if you have pro-active support.

4. Working Securely in a World Full of Cybercrime

It is estimated that an SME experiences a cyber-attack every 19 seconds in the UK. Cybercriminals are always looking for avenues to compromise accounts and exploit your valuable data. Businesses that lack security understanding should consider managed services from a trusted IT partner that embeds cyber security into the heart of what they do. Working with IT professionals to build your resilience is always a wise investment and is a fraction of the cost compared to a cyber-attack. For more information about common cyber threats against businesses, check out of resource page.

We Make IT Simple

We have been trusted by businesses over twenty years to lay the technical foundations for success. Our IT Specialists have years of experience and a wide range of technical expertise to ensure we offer the very best customer service. When technology is at the core of your business, make sure you have an IT partner you can trust. Take a look at our IT services or book in for a friendly chat below with our experts who will walk you through options that are right for your business.